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The obligatory certification established by European Directive 2008/98/EC requires the conformity of the management systems for the correct treatment of those materials that cease to be considered waste to be verified by an Independent Body.
Waste ceases to be defined as such when its use gives producers an elevated level of sustainability and an economic and environmental advantage.

Thanks to it specific accreditation, RINA SERVICES can perform the three-year verification of the management systems of waste producers.


The member states of the European Union are obliged to draw up correct waste management plans that take into account the positive impact on the environment and human health, and the correct management of disposal costs.

Directive 2008/98/EC concerns waste that can be used as raw materials to be sent to dedicated plants (steel works and foundries). Its specific regulations, published in the Official Journal, concern the following materials:

  • glass (Reg. 1179/2012/EU)
  • scrap metal (Reg. 333/2011/EU)
  • copper (Reg. 715/2013/EU).


RINA SERVICES is accredited for the certification of End of Waste management systems pursuant to EC Regulation 765/2008, and is an environmental auditor pursuant to EC Regulation 1221/2009 (art. 2, para 20/b) with the required specific sectorial accreditations.

Our capillary presences, at international level, and our ten-year experience in environmental safeguard and recovery, make us a qualified partner for End of Waste producers.


The team performs an audit at the production facility to verify that the organisation applies the management system for the correct treatment of waste.


Is certification to this regulation equivalent to a quality certification?
- They are two different certificates, the quality certificate only certifies conformity of a management system to ISO 9001/2008.
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