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Certification of beach operation according to ISO 13009

Beaches are affected by different uses and needs and are subjected to considerable seasonal touristic pressure. Thus, their management is particularly complex as it necessarily requires simultaneous attention to different aspects.

Beach operators, by choosing to certify beach operation according to the international standard ISO 13009: 2015, demonstrate sustainable beach operation to tourists and residents and compliance with certain quality requirements of the service and structures.


A number of benefits can be obtained thanks to the implementation of this Standard for beach operators and the local community, where tourism represents one of the main economic activities:
  • better level of tourism service and user satisfaction
  • regulatory compliance
  • maintenance of infrastructures at a high level of efficiency
  • management of environmental, social and economic risks
  • prevention of accidents and emergency management
  • less environmental impact
  • local community confidence
  • continuous improvement
  • contribution to growing public sustainability awareness
  • improved economic and social fabric of the seaside resorts in general
  • economic growth of the region


As well as the specific environmental conformity certification scheme, the ECOBLU certification, RINA completes its offer of certification services aimed at beach operation through a certification scheme which not only guarantees environmental protection but also safety and service quality.
RINA can act as valid certification partner to any public or private organisation which provides a service connected with beaches and which wants to better meet the needs of users and residents, also guaranteeing environmental protection, for balanced touristic-economic enhancement of beaches.


The ISO 13009 certificate is valid for 3 years and is applicable to all public or private organisations which provide services connected with beaches.
After the first certification audit, for the following 2 years an annual audit is carried out for certificate maintenance. At the end of the 3 year period, renewal is undertaken for another 3 year period.


Who can ask for ISO 13009 certification?
Beach resort operators, resorts, free beaches with facilities, clubs, sports associations.

What are the main macro areas the ISO 13009 focuses on?
  • an adequate risk analysis according to economic and social size
  • safety and emergency management
  • environmental protection, water quality and waste management
  • accessibility
  • fixed and mobile infrastructures
  • equipment
  • signs
  • first aid
  • communication and information
  • cleanliness
  • bar and restaurant services
  • monitoring and assessment
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