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​Compulsory certification covers those products whose use protects the interests of the community and in some cases it is obligatory for authorisation for trading those goods in the European Union.

RINA SERVICES is an independent company that provides third-party certification, and the extensive skills it has consolidated over time has enabled it to obtain all the notifications and accreditations required to carry out these activities.

Our operations network is spread all over the world, and we use it to offer services tailored to meet the special needs of clients; at the same time, we work to remain constantly updated in terms of standards and technology.


  • Give the market guarantees about the quality and safety of the production process and the conditions for use of the product
  • document traceability and repeatability of data and information
  • provide clear, recognised and reliable information to the market and to clients
  • knock down technical and commercial barriers to the sale of goods
  • acquire new clients
  • improve the sustainability process of products, processes and services.