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The section related to product certification involves a wide set of proposals going from conformity assessment on specific categories of products, to voluntary certifications, to mandatory verifications for accessing, for example, to standardized markets.

The common goal remains the one of promoting, through the verification carried out by an independent body, the importance of working procedures which are effective and compliant to their reference context.

Our operational network, by undertaking in a constant legal and technological update, is active widespread and ready to respond to the needs of clients from various business sectors.


  • Give the market guarantees about the quality and safety of the production process and the conditions for use of the product
  • document traceability and repeatability of data and information
  • provide clear, recognised and reliable information to the market and to clients
  • knock down technical and commercial barriers to the sale of goods
  • acquire new clients
  • improve the sustainability process of products, processes and services.