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RINA SERVICES performs third-party audits in conformity with the due diligence system proposed by Conlegno​ (Wood-Cork Services Consortium), recognized by the European Commission as Monitoring Organisation. The EU Timber Regulation no. 995/2010, prohibiting the placing of illegal timber products on the EU market, came into force on 03/03/2013.

It is one of the EU's most significant efforts to counteract the entry of illegal timber into the EU market: it requires organisations that are classified as operators to implement a system of due diligence along the supply chain of timber products that are placed on the EU market for the first time.


  • Access to information about the origin of the products
  • traceability of the supply chain
  • mitigation of all risks of the entry of illegal timber
  • regular monitoring of the Due Diligence System in order to increase the guarantee of conformity with the requirements of the regulation.


Our recognition by the European Union and national ministries, our experience in the field of environmental and forest management, together with our operating network of highly qualified auditing teams, make RINA Services a reliable partner.


RINA SERVICES​ performs documents reviews and on-site audits, while Conlegno​ issues certification.

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