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The FSC® certification requires the traceability of wood, paper and other products of forest origin and of projects connected with their use to be certified.

The certification applies to: internal and external furnishings, urban furnishings, paper and cellulose, publishers and printers, packaging and pallets, trading of timber, firewood, equipment, tools, toys and the like, frames and profiles, panels, doors and windows, floors.

The product certification creates a chain of custody that allows organisations, by monitoring the flow of raw materials, to control the origin of incoming and outgoing certified products (FSC® wood, FSC® paper, …). Meanwhile the certification of projects, according to FSC®-STD-40-006, aims to validate a partial or complete single project involving the use of products of forest origin.

FSC® certification applies to any organisation involved in the production chain, except those that do not physically possess the products or materials (e.g. transport companies).


  • Safeguard of FSC® products from well-managed forests
  • guarantee of the marketing of forest material as regards environmental and social aspects
  • traceability of the path taken by the raw materials, semi-finished and co-produced products from the forest to the consumer
  • communication to the public of the added value of the product via FSC® brand labelling
  • proof of the organisation contribution towards responsible forest management.


Thanks to its technical skills in the management of forest products, RINA SERVICES (RINA license code FSC® A000532) is accredited by ASI for the FSC® Chain of Custody certification.

RINA SERVICES also offers specialized courses and analysis related to the theme of the service: for further information please send an e-mail to ghg_services@rina.org.

About abroad, RINA Services performs the certification activities thanks of RINA Brasil, RINA Simtex (Romania), RINA Bulgaria, RINA India and RINA Turkey


  • An audit at the company's production facility and, for subcontractors, on-site audits of sampled subcontractors
  • an independent technical review of the file
  • issue of the FSC® certificate.
Following certification, RINA SERVICES must approve every FSC® brand the organisation intends to use before it is used.

FSC®​ certification of products requires also the following steps:
  • annual verification for the maintenance of FSC product certification (validity 5 years)
  • after the 5 period, the certificate is renewed for a further 5 years.
The FSC® certification of projects certificate, instead, does not expire and is issued for a particular project.​

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