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​ISCC PLUS consists in the voluntary certification system of biomass or biomass-based products including food, feed, bioplastics and other, in order to guarantee their sustainability requirements from raw materials to the finished product. The purpose is that the sustainability standard becomes a legal requirement in the traditional market (food and feed) from raw material to intermediate and end products.

Moreover this certification gives to buyers the possibility to choose between which products are sustainable and which are not.


ISCC PLUS certification is a formal declaration of reduction of GHG and consumables. It checks the sustainable requirements, the traceability and mass balance of all the system, and it constitutes an added value in order to demonstrate to clients the sustainability of their products.

The entire system is submitted to audit performed by 3rd party auditors, in order to guarantee the impartiality of its evaluation. The certificate is valid for 1 year. There are other sectors like short rotation coppice, bioplastics, feed food, options to add further extensions.


RINA SERVICES has the appropriate skills for performing ISCC PLUS audits and third party certification. Our high-qualified staff performs risk evaluation, conducts audits (inspections), issues certificates and declaration of conformity, runs a register of participants, transmits data to the relevant authorities (if required, economic operators or ISCC and preparation of further reports and communications), works on storage and handling of information.


ISCC PLUS can be an individual or group certification, for example applied for homogeneous groups of agricultural producers.
The actors of the certification system, that received physically the sustainable products, could be Farms/Plantation, First gathering point, Trader/Warehouse, Conversion unit, Relevant market player.

The elements of the supply chain, which do not receive sustainable products physically, can receive a certificate on a voluntary basis. Unlike them, transport of sustainable products does not obtain a certificate.

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