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Biofuel sustainability certification

The certificate of compliance of biofuel sustainability guarantees the reliability of the information which organisations, belonging to the biofuel and bioliquid production chain, are required to provide to prove they fulfil the biofuel sustainability criteria as well as supplying information of a social and environmental nature.

The sustainability of biofuels and bioliquid could be demonstrated by implementing a certification system approved by the European Community, or applying a certification system recognised by a state. RINA Services provides this sustainability certification according to two reference standards: ISCC EU) and 2BSvs.


  • Benefit from tax breaks for biofuels certified as sustainable
  • Contribute towards achieving the Community goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (EU 20-20-20 Climate-Energy package)
  • Become more competitive on the market.


The skills and experience of our teams in verifying the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions have allowed RINA SERVICES to become an accredited and recognised company according to:
  • “National Certification System of the sustainability of biofuels and bioliquids”, established by the decree dated 23rd January 2012 issued by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and for Protection of the Land and Sea
  • ISCC EU, International Sustainability & Carbon Certification
  • 2BSvs biomass biofuel, sustainability voluntary scheme.
RINA Poland is accredited by the Oil and Gas Institute - National Research Institute, System Administrator accredited RINA Poland Sp.z o.o. to issue certificate of conformity for the the sustainable production of biofuels and bioliquids according to KZR INiG System


  • Download the QI, complete and indicate which certification you require an offer for​
  • After the offer is accepted and the contract signed, our team will start planning the audit. The main elements of the audit are:
    • land use criteria
    • traceability
    • mass balance
    • GHG (greenhouse gas) calculation system
  • If the audit is successful, the biofuel sustainability certificate is issued.
The certification according to the Italian Decree and ISCC EU last 5 years and 1 year respectively. The maintenance of certification is subject to the positive outcome of the periodic audits.

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