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With the coming into force of the Directive 2014/33/EU, before being put into service, lifts must be subject to a conformity audit by a Notified company, or they can be CE-marked and put into service directly by the installer if the latter operates a quality system complying with the Lifts Directive.


Services offered:
  • Final test - Ann. V
  • Inspection of a single product – Mod. G (Ann. VIII)
  • Certification of the company quality system (Total Quality Guarantee – Mod. H1 Ann. XI)
  • Certification of the company quality management system (Production Quality Guarantee - Mod. D Ann. XII).
The company quality management becomes a key element for assessing product conformity: companies that already comply with ISO 9001 standards can operate according to the procedures contained in modules H1 and D of the Directive (Annexes XI and XII).


RINA SERVICES boasts a widespread presence, as well as in the main forums of the sector, with a network of competent technicians who are constantly updated and supported by a team of experts from the lifts sector.

RINA SERVICES provides third-party lift certification services in the full respect of impartiality, transparency and confidentiality.


The lift installer must present the certification request to RINA SERVICES using the relative form that can be downloaded from our website. Depending on the applicable modules, the lift certification procedure requires the project to be assessed and a lift conformity audit performed according to applicable technical standards.

For the certification of company quality systems for CE marking purposes, an audit team comprising at least one expert in lift technology assesses the procedures prepared by the company and, at random, the conformity of the installed lifts.


Who must present the audit (test) request for a new lift?
The request must be presented by the installer.

What documents must be presented for the purposes of the conformity audit of a lift?
The list of documentation is indicated in § 3.1 Annex V or § 3 Annex VIII of Directive 2014/33/EU.

What tests are performed for the purposes of lift certification?
The tests and inspections to perform are indicated in annex D2 of UNI EN 81.1 & 2.

If reduced pit or headroom lifts are installed in an existing building, what procedures are performed?
A waiver request must be presented to the compet​ent ministry in advance.
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