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Fixed vertical road traffic signs

The legal compliance of fixed vertical road traffic signs marketed in the European Union is demonstrated by means of FPC (Factory Production Control) initial type testing.

The manufacturer must appoint an independent Notified Body which, following verification, issues a constancy of product performance certificate and allows the manufacturer to affix the CE-mark to its fixed road traffic signs.

From 1st January 2013, CE-marking must be obtained pursuant to Regulation (EU) n° 305/2011 (CPR), in compliance with EN 12899 standards and the M/111 mandate conferred by the European Commission to the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation), establishing the criteria for applying harmonised standards to circulation fixtures.


Products and components subject to CE-marking:

  • retro-reflecting film
  • supports (posts) 
  • signs (panel with support, stiffeners and fixing systems with the facing material applied) 
  • complete signs (complete set of panel, facing material and supports).


RINA SERVICES is a Notified Body for product certification and is authorised for the following harmonised standards:

  • EN 12899-1 “Fixed, vertical road traffic signs - Part 1: Fixed signs”;
  • EN 12899-2 “Fixed, vertical road traffic signs - Part 2: Transilluminated traffic bollards (TTB)”;
  • EN 12899-3 “Fixed, vertical road traffic signs - Part 3: Delineator posts and retroreflectors”.


The certification procedure comprises the following steps:

  • company audit: verification of the conformity of the applicable requirements and legislation concerning factory production controls
  • issue of certification if the audit is successful
  • periodic audits to certify maintenance of conformity and the renewal of certification, at least once a year.


Is the CE-mark sufficient to market the sign?
As well as the application of CE marking, the manufacturer must draw up and provide a copy of the Declaration of Performance (DOP).

Must only the sign support be CE-marked?
The CE-mark concerns the panel, that is, the structure comprising the support, stiffeners and fixing elements.

Must temporary worksite signs be CE-marked?
No, just fixed, vertical traffic signs must be CE-marked.

Can the initial type tests be performed by the manufacturer?
​No, the Notified Body is responsible for performing type tests.
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