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Recreational Craft Directive

Since the entry into force of Directive 94/25/EC, recreational craft up to 24 metres in length and of new construction are required to have CE marking for the purpose of free trade within the European Economic Area.

According to the Recreational Craft Directive, the CE mark is issued on the basis of construction and equipment criteria which concern essential aspects such as passenger health and safety, product quality, pollution prevention, consumer protection.


The CE marking process carried out by RINA SERVICES over the last fifteen years is a guarantee for owners and producers that their yachts meet the highest safety standards, increasing their commercial and qualitative value throughout the yacht's life cycle.

The philosophy of the new approach to EU Directives is based on the free movement of goods, people and services. For this reason, no European Union country can now impede the entry of a CE marked product or its marketing in its own territory.


RINA SERVICES is a Notified Body according to European Directive 2003/44/EC and offers a range of instruments to support designers and manufacturers as well as offering new services in application of the Recreational Craft Directive's essential requirements.

The strong point of RINA SERVICES is the service offered, fast and qualified, throughout the yacht's life cycle: from design to construction, testing of materials and components, sea trials and periodic surveys.

​CE marking procedure

Following a certification request, RINA SERVICES undertakes, through its highly qualified technicians and surveyors, an effective and accurate check in relation to the assessment module chosen:
  • examination of the documentation and construction drawings
  • on-site visits to verify compliance of the product with the drawings submitted and quality of the construction process
  • ​visits on board to check that all essential CE marking requirements have in fact been met.

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