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The voluntary certification o​f product conformity, with relative granting of the licence to use the Quality Mark, is issued for the following requirements:

  • a producer wishes to declare and certify technical requirements of its products in addition to the mandatory ones
  • a producer wishes to differentiate itself from its competitors by demonstrating the quality of its products
  • a harmonised standard is not yet available, only a draft standard.

The Quality Mark certifies the conformity of the product with regulatory documents or particular technical specifications provided by the producer.


  • Added value and recognition of the product on the market
  • increased guarantee of product quality
  • guarantee of product specifications and performance
  • differentiation through an objective marketing instrument
  • increased visibility towards potential clients
  • compliance with current regulations.


RINA SERVICES is an independent third party, internationally recognised within the sphere of product certification.

Thanks to its long-standing experience and capillary operating network, it can support producers in the development and management of the various phases of their activities.


The certification procedure comprises the following steps:

  • on-site audit: audit and tests on the product and the production process
  • issue of certification following the successful completion of the audit, and granting of the right to use the RINA Quality Mark
  • periodic audits to certify maintenance of conformity and renewal of certification.


What does product certification mean?
- The Certificate of Conformity certifies that a product complies with one or more regulatory documents.

Does the certification of conformity expire?
- Its validity is subject to the successful outcome of the periodic surveillance audits.

If there is no reference standard is it possible to obtain a certificate of product conformity?
- The reference document can be a technical specification provided by the Producer, possibly integrated with additional documents.

How is a certified product recognised?
- By attaching the Quality Mark issued by RINA SERVICES to it.
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