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Product Certification

​​Product certification is delivered to manufacturing organisations, both in the compulsory and voluntary field, in order to guarantee the quality, the safety and the reliability of their products.

Their conformity is also declared by the CE marking, required for many products that must be assessed before being placed on the market to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

RINA SERVICES​ provides certification in many areas of market, such as:
  • marine equipment 
  • pressure equipment 
  • recreational crafts 
  • construction products 
  • personal protective equipment.


For a wide range of products, in particular those for which the manufacturer wants to declare and certify specific technical performances, RINA SERVICES verifies and certifies the compliance with standards or regulatory documents or with technical specifications supplied by the manufacturer.

RINA SERVICES​ provides Product Certification services worldwide as Notified company, authorized by the European Community for the CE Marking of products and accredited by main Accreditation companies. Currently, more than 30.000 product certificates are in course of validity.