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Welding manufacturers of railway vehicles and components

Welding in railway vehicle manufacturing is an important process regarding to safety in public transport.
Welding manufacturers, which carry out welding work on railway vehicles, components and sub-assemblies, shall be certified according to this standard, if specified by clients, contracts or tenders.
On the request of the welding manufacturer, RINA as recognized manufacturer certification body undertakes verification of compliance with the requirements of EN 15085, particularly:
  • welding personnel (welding coordinators, welders, welding operators) requirements;
  • welding coordinators are interviewed to demonstrate that they have the necessary technical knowledge on welding according to EN ISO 14731 and EN 15085;
  • welding procedure specifications based on WPQR;
  • qualification test of welders;
  • qualification test of welding operators;
  • additional test specimens (mock-up), according to EN 15085-4;
  • technical requirements of welding production workshop and technical equipment;
  • welding quality requirements according to the relevant parts of EN ISO 3834.


Certification according to EN 15085-2 is an established element of quality assurance and is always more required in Europe as well as outside of Europe for the acceptance of welded works in railway market and industry.
Welding and joining processes, in particular on load-bearing structures, require special attention and implementation of quality criteria of EN15085 ensure that the fundamental technical welding requirements are met by manufacturing companies.


RINA SERVICES is a certification body with deep experience on welding processes in many industrial sectors including railway sector.
RINA SERVICES operates as manufacturer certification body recognized by National safety authority for railway traffic (ANSF) and National accreditation body (Accredia).


The audit’s duration depends on certification level (CL) required by manufacturer and size of company in terms of number of workers involved in manufacturing activities by welding.
The validity of the certificate is limited to a maximum of 3 years. During the period of validity RINA verifies at least annually compliance with the requirements of the standard. Before the certificate expires the welding manufacturer may request RINA to renew it.


Does Welding manufacturer have to be certified according to EN ISO 3834?
The requirements of the relevant part of EN ISO 3834 shall be met, but no certification according to EN ISO 3834 is required.

Which are the requirements for welding coordinators?
The welding manufacturer shall have suitably experienced welding coordinators with the relevant technical knowledge according to EN ISO 14731. The manufacturer shall clearly prove to RINA that the technical knowledge of the welding coordinators is at the required level. Tasks and areas of competence of welding coordinators are given in Annex B of EN 15085-2. In special cases subcontracted welding coordinators who are not employed by the welding manufacturer may be recognized as responsible welding coordinator if the conditions required by EN 15085-2 are fulfilled.
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