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Polyethilene Welders

​The certification of personnel responsible for welding and special processes is required today as evidence of production quality and compliance with the safety requirements of the services and products.

Moreover, the Ministerial Decree from the MSE (Ministero Sviluppo Economico – Ministry for Economic Development) dated 16.04.2008 states that the welding of polyethylene gas pipelines is to be performed by personnel who have a qualification certificate issued by a certification body according to the requirements of the UNI 9737:2007 Standard.




RINA SERVICES offers the following certification services under UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024 ACCREDIA accreditation:

  • certification of polyethylene pipe welders in accordance with the UNI 9737 and EN 13067 Standards
  • certification of metal welders in accordance with the Standards of the UNI EN ISO 9606 and UNI EN ISO 14732 series
  • qualification of welding procedures for metal pipes according to the EN 15614 series of Standards
  • approval of welder training centres.

Moreover, RINA SERVICES offers qualification of welding procedures for thermoplastic materials according to the UNI/TS 11508 and UNI EN 1555-5 Standards.


  • Request by the company for an offer
  • RINA SERVICES draws up a customised proposal of services to meet the needs of the company
  • Company accepts the proposal
  • Qualification tests performed according to the Standards requested
  • Issue of the certificate following authorisation from the Technical Certification Committee
  • Activation of the automatic advance notification system to the company related to the expiry of personnel qualification certificates.


Does the welder certificate have an expiry date?
The certificate has an expiry date in relation to the reference standard; RINA SERVICES informs its clients in advance of certificate expiry dates.

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