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CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1

CSWIP 3.1 – Welding Inspector Level 2 certification is recognised at international level in numerous industrial sectors and is in great demand by leading operators in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation sectors. RINA SERVICES issues this certification to operators who attend a TWI licence training course and pass the relative exam.

The course lasts 40 hours (articulated in 5 working days) and comprises a theoretical part concerning welding inspections and numerous practical exercise leading up to the exam for the achievement of the certificate “CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1”. The course and exam are held in Italian.


  • To understand the factors affecting the quality of fusion-welded steel
  • to recognise the characteristics of the most common welding processes in relation to quality control
  • to interpret instructions and symbols on drawings to ensure the specifications are satisfied
  • to manage and report on welded joint audits, macrographs and other mechanical tests
  • to assess a weld according to acceptance criteria and draw up the relative report
  • to confirm the quality of the basic material
  • to recognise the effect of deviating from welding quality specifications
  • to be able to pass certification exam.


RINA SERVICES operates as a “TWI Training Agent”, a TWI-authorised training centre operating in Italy.
We organise over 15 courses a year, held in Italian, at locations all over the country. We provide our vast competence and experience in the field of welding with the support of highly qualified trainers who are directly approved by TWI​.


To register, contact the course manager for an offer, the application form and the list of required documents. The course is divided into 5 working days while the sixth day is reserved for exam activities.


What are the access requirements for the course?
Access requirements are exclusively based on experience: a minimum of 3 years performing welding inspection activities, or a minimum of 5 years as welding instructor or welding foreman/supervisor.

How can I know if any courses have been planned for the near future in my local area?
Consult the list of courses on the attached calendar.

What type of certification do I obtain if I pass the exam?
“CSWIP Certificate of proficiency” as Welding Inspector and a personal card that can be used for rapid certification of the professional qualification held.

How long does certification last?
Certification lasts five years and is renewed on the basis of documents providing evidence of continuous work activity in welding inspection.

How much does the course and exam cost?
Contact the manager of your chosen course and request a cost estimate.
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