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NDT personnel certification

The NDT certification provided by RINA SERVICES deals also with personnel performing non-destructive testing, in the industrial and civil sector, on materials and welded joints. The service covers all the main national and international regulations, such as UNI EN ISO 9712, SNT TC 1A, API and RINA SERVICES Regulations.


  • Give objective evidence of the correct company management of NDT personnel and production processes
  • provide the market with qualified NDT operators, capable of operating professionally according to internationally recognised rules and techniques, such as the European community directives
  • give legal supervision, safeguarding the liability of the producer or service company performing the non-destructive tests
  • contribute towards elevating the quality standards of the entire process chain (builders, test instruments, operators, designers, testers, contractors, users).


For personnel certification, RINA SERVICES operates under ACCREDIA accreditation according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024.


  • Offer request by the company
  • issue by RINA SERVICES​ of the proposal for customised services according to the requirements expressed by the company
  • acceptance of the proposal by the company
  • performance of the NDT qualification tests according to the required standards
  • issue of the qualification report with the final report of the appointed exam commission
  • issue of the NDT certification following authorisation by the Technical Certification Committee
  • activation of the automatic warning system for the company concerning the expiry date of the certificates.

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