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Fluorinated greenhouse gases

Operators and companies in the fluorinated greenhouse gas market must comply with the requirements derived from the Kyoto protocol in order to reduce emissions and meet EU objectives as regards climate change.

For this purpose, the European Parliament and Council adopted EC Regulation no. 842/2006 (F-gas regulation) which establishes specific requirements for the various phases of the entire life cycle of fluorinated gases, from production to the end of life.

Italian Presidential Decree (DPR) no. 43 of 27th January 2012 implements the contents of this EC Regulation which requires member states to set up a certification system for personnel and companies involved in the use of fluorinated gases.


Certification for refrigeration technicians
Following the successful passing of a theoretical and practical examination to check the competency of operators according to the requirements of the applicable European Regulations, a certificate is issued to refrigeration technicians. The certificate guarantees the professionalism of the operators in the sector: installation, maintenance, servicing or recovery activities can only be undertaken by certified operators.

Certification of companies
The certificate is issued to companies employing a sufficient number of certified personnel to cover the expected volume of work and that have the structures, equipment, tools and procedures required to perform the work.

Certification of training centres
Companies issuing training attestations to personnel who recover certain fluorinated greenhouse gases from the air-conditioning systems in certain motor vehicles, within the field of application of Directive 2006/40/EC, in compliance with Regulation (EC) no. 307/2008.


RINA SERVICES is an Accredited company for the certification of operators and companies performing activities on installations containing fluorinated greenhouse gases. Its nationwide network of offices co-ordinates auditors and technicians who are qualified to certify personnel and companies.


Who must be certified?

The obligation concerns:

  • Operators carrying out installation, servicing, maintenance, gas recovery, leak detection in plants and equipment containing fluorinated gases
  • Stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment (Reg. (EC) no. 303/2008)
  • Stationary fire protection systems and fire extinguishers (Reg. (EC) no. 304/2008)
  • Recovery of fluorinated gases from high voltage switchgears (Reg. (EC) no. 305/2008)
  • Recovery of solvents made of fluorinated gases from equipment containing solvents (Reg. (EC) no. 306/2008).
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