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Cathodic protection

Personnel acting in the field of cathodic protection carry out design, installation, survey and maintenance of equipment and systems dedicated to protecting metallic structures from corrosion.

Competence levels and certification schemes apply to each of the following application sectors:
  • Underground and immersed metallic structures;
  • Marine metallic structures;
  • Reinforced concrete structures;
  • Inner surfaces of metallic container structures.


The certification of personnel acting in the field of cathodic protection is a tool to ensure the market the assessment of the expertise of the personnel that achieved it.


RINA SERVICES is accredited by ACCREDIA for certification of personnel according to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024 Standard.

RINA has examination centers and qualified technicians located throughout Italy to perform certification activities for candidates.


Candidates may be employed, self-employed or unemployed; the certification is personal.
The candidate is to document personal information which includes a declaration of the candidate’s education, training and experience.
To be eligible for certification, the candidate is to fulfil the requirements for cathodic protection training and practical experience as defined in EN 15257 and is to pass the relevant examination or assessment as indicated in the Standard and in the RINA Rules.

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