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SA 8000 is a voluntary standard that certifies a company's social accountability management system: an effective way of giving visibility to its sustainability performance, with particular reference to social aspects.

The SA 8000 certification allows demonstrating the ethical and responsible approach of a company to the social problems of work. Its specific action areas are child labour, forced labour, occupational health and safety, freedom of association, discrimination, disciplinary measures, working hours, salaries and the management system assuring conformity with the standard.

A new edition of the SA 8000 standard, known as SA 8000:2014, has been published: find out the main changes introduced in the revision and how to undertake the transition process.


  • Improvement of a company's international reputation as regards the observance of ethical-social principles
  • creation of fair competition based on the principles of a responsibility approach to social problems
  • visibility towards consumers who partly base their choice on the observance of ethical principles by companies
  • reduction of internal conflicts and consequent improvement in company climate
  • facilitated access to public contributions, higher points in tender competitions.


RINA SERVICES is accredited by SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services) for providing SA 8000 certification: we put at your disposal qualified ethical certification skills, matured thanks to our extensive and significant experience worldwide.


  • Definition of the offer and stipulation of the contract
  • initial certification audit and documents review
  • issue of the certificate
  • six-monthly surveillance audit
  • recertification audit (every 36 months).​

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