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Seafarers recruitment agencies

RINA SERVICES offers a voluntary certification scheme for seafarers recruitment agencies, aimed at integrating the requirements for quality management of the recruitment and placement process with the aspects introduced by Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

This services allows the ship owner to demonstrate compliance with the most up-to-date requirements for seafarer protection.


The recruitment and placement of seafarers by private agencies may only be undertaken according to a standardised system of licensing or certification or other form of regulation.

The ILO Convention MLC 2006, which entered into force on 20 August 2013, establishes minimum requirements to safeguard seafarer on-board working and living conditions.

Its Regulation 1.4, in particular, establishes the minimum requirements to be met by seafarers recruitment and placement agencies, once exposed to innumerable risks of compression of seafarer rights and who deserve special attention and protection.


RINA SERVICES has long-standing experience in the maritime sector and internationally, is a leading company in the field of social accountability and worker protection. RINA SERVICES is also recognised by many Flag Administrations for MLC 2006 inspections on-board ship.


  • Compilation of the questionnaire with the organisation's data
  • stipulation of the offer by RINA SERVICES
  • MLC certification audit, carried out by MLC 2006 qualified auditors and with the support of experts in labour law, international regulations and human resources management
  • if the outcome is positive, issue of a certificate of compliance with the requirements of Regulation 1.4 of MLC 2006, and with RINA SERVICES document "ITT-MLC Recruitment and placement requirements".
The maritime labour certificate is valid for three years, during which surveillance audits will be performed.


Are there any prerequisites to be met for the issue of the certificate?
The applicant agency is to have established an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, maintained it and kept it fully operational, certified or not certified by an accredited third party body.

What happens if seafarers are recruited in a State which has not ratified MLC 2006?
The ship owner is to ensure that the agency, based in a State which has not ratified the Maritime Labour Convention, operates in full compliance with the requirements of MLC Regulation 1.4.​
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