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QMS for Oil & Gas

​Certification of conformity to ISO/TS 29001 “Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Sector-specific quality management systems - Requirements for product and service supply organisations” guarantees the respect of elevated levels of quality for the suppliers of products and services to the oil & gas and petrolchemical market, in the production chain both upstream (research and exploration; onshore and offshore production; storage and transport) and downstream (refining and distribution).
This internationally recognised standard regulates the quality management system in a sector exposed to risks of a particular level, the staff safety, environmental protection and business continuity requirements of which require high levels of control and operating safety.


The ISO/TS 29001 standard satisfies the specific requirements of the market by developing a quality management system which, as regards continual improvement, pursues various benefits, including:

  • preventing and/or managing operating risks
  • achieving business continuity management in adverse situations (e.g.: breakage of part of a plant or interruption of a service)
  • reducing costs
  • improving staff safety and environmental protection
  • reducing product and supply chain waste.


With over twenty years’ experience in the certification of management systems, RINA SERVICES operates at international level and benefits from various accreditations (e.g.: ANAB and ACCREDIA).

In recent years, our highly qualified staff has issued over 30.000 management system conformity certificates.


The certificate is issued according to the following procedure:

  • formulation of the offer based on the information indicated by the organisation in the Informative Questionnaire
  • audit performed by a team with specific qualifications in the sector
  • if the audit is successful, the certification process is assessed by independent staff
  • if the certification procedures are evaluated positively, the certificate is issued.

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