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ISO 9001 certification demonstrates the commitment of an organisation, which has adopted a quality management system, to increase focus of all functions towards the final result and to increase attention towards internal and external customers.

An ISO 9001 quality management system is an indispensable requirement for placing products and services on the market, in order to differentiate from unqualified competitors and increase market visibility and competitiveness.

Visit our special section to find out useful information for updating your management system and for discovering the major new features added to ISO 9001:2015.


  • Guarantee the way a product is manufactured or a service is provided, and their constant improvement in quality over time
  • increase the local and international market competitiveness
  • improve performance and reduce management costs
  • improve internal communication, increasing management involvement and focussing on human resources.


RINA SERVICES is an accredited company for the issue of QMS ISO 9001 certificates for various product sectors and for the certification schemes connected to it. We got ISO 9001:2015 accreditations from ACCREDIA, ANAB, INMETRO and NABCB.​

Our team of auditors is selected according to various parameters, such as direct work experience (as an employee of organisations operating in similar sectors) and indirect work experience (audits performed in similar contexts), specific training and educational qualifications.


  • Formulation of an offer, based on the information indicated by the organisation in the Questionnaire
  • audit performed by a team that is specifically qualified in the sector
  • if the audit is successful, the ISO 9001 certification process is assessed by independent staff
  • issue of the ISO 9001 certificate.


What experience must an organisation have, to get ISO 9001 certification?
The quality management system must have been implemented for at least three months.

How much does the ISO 9001 certification cost?
The cost depends on the required number of audit days, which is calculated according to the​ tables issued by IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and applied by all accredited Certification companies.
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