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Road traffic safety MS

Certification of a Road Traffic Safety Management System according to the ISO 39001 standard (Road Traffic Safety Management System) is an instrument that allows any organisation which interacts with the road traffic system to be able to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries due to collisions, by controlling and managing the variables under its influence.

The Standard is of potential interest to any public or private organisation involved in managing vehicles and/or transport infrastructure or which may influence the traffic generated by its activities.

An RTS Management System, if effectively implemented, can protect the safety not only of an organisation's own employees but also that of clients, users or interested parties.​


  • Reduction of road risk and consequent damage to third parties
  • Reduction in the number of potential and actual accidents
  • Reduction of repair costs for damage to the company's fleet
  • Reduced risk of being sued for negligence
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduction in the number of claims for damages
  • Increased level of consumer/client confidence


RINA Services, in view of its long-standing experience in the certification field, operates in every type of market. Our global office network, together with the professionalism of our auditors and the various accreditations obtained over the years, are a guarantee of the quality of the service provided.


Audit Stage 1: initial verification, focusing on consistency of the System with the requirements of the Standard

Audit Stage 2: in-depth verification, during day-to-day working, of the level of implementation of the RTS Management System

Issue of the certificate: examination of the proposal by the Technical Committee which discusses whether certification can be granted

Maintenance if certification: an annual audit and a complete review of the System every three years.

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