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MaRINA Excellence affirms quality of the services offered by marinas and harbours, following an independent and objective assessment of harbour services, tourism and accommodation services, commitment to sustainability and safety.

MaRINA Excellence expresses the level of quality offered by marinas and makes it possible to identify, among the strengths which the harbour highlights to support the rating obtained, the service which most closely meets the tourism needs and/or expectations of yachtsmen and women, encouraging and simplifying their choice.

The criterion for the attribution of the score is based on assignment of a value between 0 (no service at all) and 10 (service entirely satisfactory). The overall assessment is expressed as a percentage and represents the total of the scores obtained for each service.

“MaRINA Excellence 24 Plus” facilitates access to and choice of the harbour able to accommodate yachts and mega yachts, that is to say harbours able to offer additional services thereby enabling captains or yacht owners to take advantage of ad hoc services to meet their needs.

It is thanks to this new scheme that a marina can identify its criticalities and establish new objectives to enable it to improve in order to achieve the top score.


MaRINA Excellence certification enables operators of marinas and harbours to:
  • obtain recognition of their commitment to offer quality harbour and tourism services;
  • show they care about environmental sustainability and protection of the surrounding area;
  • make it easier for yachtsmen and women to choose the harbour which most closely meets their tourism needs and/or expectations, based on the score obtained for each service offered;
  • improve their image and visibility at local and international level.


RINA SERVICES has always been involved in classing and certifying yachts as well as in service and environmental certification.

Our competency, recognised at international level thanks to the numerous accreditations and recognition by over 100 administrations, is put at the disposal of marinas and harbours throughout the world, to support them in assessing their performance and to identify opportunities for development and improvement.


The assessments made by RINA SERVICES are based on the selection of a sample of information, data and processes which the marina makes available for document review and during on-site audits.

Individual aspects subject to assessment are:

  1. Harbour Services
    • Mooring
    • Repair and refitting
    • Refuelling facilities
    • Availability of mooring personnel
    • Spare parts dealers
    • Communication and Wi-Fi
    • Internet site price list
    • Booking on line
    • Weather service
    • Wi-Fi
    • Reception service
  2. Tourism services
    • Catering services (restaurants, bars, self-services) and/or hotels in or close to the marina
    • Sports centres and/or wellness centres in or close to the marina
    • Supermarkets, cash dispensers and POS, chemists in the marina
    • Transport connections:
      • taxi service outside the marina
      • rail services less than 10 km from the marina
      • airport services less than 10 km from the marina
      • bus service outside the marina
    • Natural parks, protected marine areas and UNESCO World Heritage sites near the marina
    • Discotheques and clubs close to the marina
    • Amusement parks for children close to the marina
  3. Sustainability
    • Environment
      • Emergency management
      • Environmental management plan
      • Energy certification
      • Energy generation from renewable sources
      • Energy classification of buildings within the marina
    • Safety
      • Management of hazardous substances
      • Availability of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
      • First aid management
      • Management of equipment maintenance

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