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ISO 50001 certification

The ISO 50001 certification is the appropriate response to guarantee a more rational use and better overall energy management, in order to achieve real sustainable development.

This standard specifies the requirements for an energy management system and enables an organization - that consumes significant quantities of energy - to have a systematic approach to continuous improvement of its energy performance, greater energy efficiency and sustainability, regardless of its type.


  • Improve energy performance in a systematic way
  • Having a structured system of monitoring and updating of the system of mandatory provisions, and either voluntarily subscribed, within the energy management
  • Having the opportunity to improve the specificity and thus make the most advantageous conditions of contract for the supply of energy
  • Give warranty, either within the organization or outside ethical commitment, to saving energy and improving energy efficiency.


The ISO 50001 standard, whose full name is "Energy Management Systems - Requirements with guidance on the application", is the complement of "energy management" of the other two products Regulatory, now established the UNI EN ISO 9001 on Quality Management Systems and UNI EN ISO 14001 on Environmental Management Systems. The ISO 50001 may be taken independently or integrated with these and other management systems.

The Standard itself does not define specific performance criteria for energy. ISO 50001 will help companies to organise systems and processes aimed at improving energy efficiency: an energy management that leads to economic benefits and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It is a technical document useful for businesses of any size and type can adapt to a variety of geographic, cultural and social.


For the ISO 50001 certification, RINA SERVICES has obtained Accredia accreditation for both the civil and industrial sectors, with no geographical limitations. Thanks to the accreditation, the competence of our technicians and our global network, we can provide the energy efficiency certification service for any type of organisation, no matter where it is located.

RINA SERVICES also offers specialized courses and analysis related to the theme of the service: for further information please send an e-mail to ghg_services@rina.org.


  • Document analysis, which can be held at the Organisation's headquarters or at RINA SERVICES
  • Verification of the characteristics of the energy services provided or supply, at all the service phases, since the verification of the minimal contents of the offer, pending verification of correct and transparent management of the monitoring and related records of the energy performance of downstream implementation of energy service developed
  • Assessment of Organisational capacity, diagnostics, planning, management, finance and economics.
For each certification activity are identified and appointed audit groups specifically competent in the scheme and in the sector.​
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