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ISO 28000 certification

ISO 28000 certification is a services delivered to goods loaders, transport companies, forwarders and operators performing warehousing, storage and operative activities in intermodal centres and interports.

The main international standards governing the supply chain security are:
  • ISO 28000 Series, voluntary standards on supply chain management system, in which RINA SERVICES participated for the purpose of identifying their minimum requirements
  • European Regulation 450/08/EC reforming the Community Customs Code, the ADR and the RID for the transport of hazardous goods
  • C -TPAT (Customs -Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), American standard containing a series of prevention and protection procedures to apply to goods entering the country
  • CSI (Container Security Initiative), American standard governing the control of goods loaded in containers.


The ISO 28000 certification, and the verification of compliance with the other supply chain security standards:
  • make land transport more secure
  • reduce the regulatory gap between land, air and sea transport (the latter subject to detailed security regulations and measures)
  • simplify customs operations and reduces waiting times and relative costs.


Thanks to our long-standing experience in the maritime sector, RINA SERVICES helps supply chain operators to correctly manage their corporate security. Our services include the definition of specific security procedures, staff training, the identification of risks connected with the activity and the implementation of the necessary countermeasures.


  • the organisation compiles and dispatches the questionnaire, defining the field of application of the request
  • RINA SERVICES dispatches its offer, followed by acceptance and stipulation of the ISO 28000 certification ​contract
  • pre-audit (optional)
  • stage 1 audit: documents review
  • stage 2 audit: on-site inspection
  • issue of the certificate.

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