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​The ISO/IEC 20000 standard defines the processes required for the provision of IT services, both inside organisations and for external customers. Certification, which can be requested by organisations of all types and sizes, attests the excellence of an integrated management system which combines process efficiency and effectiveness, profit and customer satisfaction with the high quality of the products and/or services offered.

An effective IT service management system provides the key components for planning implementing, monitoring and improving Service Delivery, Relationship, Resolution, Control, Design and Transition processes. During all these phases, the customer - supplier relationship is governed by a Service Catalogue describing the various service levels, or an SLA (Service Level Agreement).


  • Define the requirements for designing, developing and issuing services that can satisfy customer expectations
  • guarantee that the persons, processes and technologies constantly interact and are co-ordinated on established objectives
  • add value to investments and consolidate corporate image
  • assure service efficiency / effectiveness and its correspondence to legal and contractual requirements.


RINA SERVICES is accredited as Certification company​ by Accredia and APMG Group. Our service management system audit teams comprise professionals with elevated skills in the ICT and Security sector, ISO/IEC 20000 and certification process experts, ICT auditing experts (CISA auditors, ITIL certificates), technical experts in technological areas and legal experts.


The phases of the certification process are:

  • compilation and dispatch of the questionnaire
  • dispatch of the offer by RINA SERVICES
  • acceptance of the offer, stipulation of the contract and examination of the certification regulations
  • optional pre-audit: preliminary audit for verifying the state of application of the standard
  • stage 1 audit, documents review
  • stage 2 on-site audit
  • approval and issue of certificate.

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