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B-BS Behavior-Based Safety

Certification of the Behavior-Based Safety (B-BS) process is an innovative service in the occupational health and safety field.

It guarantees compliance of the B-BS process implemented by an organization with the “B-BS Process Requirements” document and effectiveness of the process in terms of measurable results (fewer accidents, occupational diseases and environmental disasters).

Approved by CCBS (Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies - Massachusetts) and AARBA (Association for the Advancement of Radical Behavior Analysis - Italy), the B-BS process develops and maintains safety actions and values in all workers, acting directly on individual behavior. The process ensures objective confirmation in terms of reduced number of accidents through strict implementation of the principles and paradigms of Behavior Analysis.

The B-BS process can be integrated with the most widespread safety standards such as OHSAS 18001 which it complements as regards safety behavior.


  • reduced number of accidents and injuries and consequent cost savings connected with work interruption, lack of customer service, damage to instrumentation, etc.;
  • increased productivity, due to behavior management strategies, used by production line managers to obtain production and quality behavior as well as safety behavior;
  • development of safety “values” and “culture”, defined in operational terms and therefore also measurable;
  • creation of a better relational environment between bosses and employees also outside the safety context, with increased sense of belonging to an “excellent” company, mindful of corporate values and social responsibility;
  • automatic assessment of work stress also with prognostic value and concurrent definition of the steps to be taken for its elimination in objective and measurable terms


RINA SERVICES is the first Body to issue certification for the Behavior Based Safety Scheme and moreover, can claim active participation in collaboration with the scientific company of B-BS, AARBA for the drawing up of the Standard.

RINA SERVICES is currently the only body able to certify formal compliance but also substantial compliance of the process in terms of:
  1. actual surveillance,
  2. effectiveness which can be demonstrated on a parametric scale in terms of both acting out behavior and measurable results obtained and
  3. active participation by workers as required by Italian legislative decree 81.


Certification follows a three-year process:
  • Formalization of the contract between organization and RINA SERVICES
  • Organization sends documents (Certification kit)
  • RINA SERVICES carries out document review
  • RINA SERVICES performs the on-site audit (the observation period is to have begun at least 3 months earlier)
  • RINA SERVICES issues the certificate of Applicant Status of the B-BS process during the first year of observation and the B-BS process certificate if at least 12 months have passed since the beginning of the observation period, provided the outcome of the checks foreseen for the two different types of certification is positive
  • From the initial stages (document analysis and preliminary assessment), the RINA SERVICES auditors issue instructions to the facility to adapt the process under review, if necessary, to enable rapid adjustment to the parameters prior to obtaining final certification


What is a certificate of applicant status of the B-BS process?
It’s a certificate which can be shown and used like a normal certificate; it is issued during the first year of observation and demonstrates transposal and implementation of the B-BS process, even before its effectiveness has been proved. It is valid for a year and cannot be renewed.

What’s special about this certification?
Measurement of behavior and accidents enables objective and unequivocal evidence of the improvements made by the company to be demonstrated.

How is B-BS certification viewed by trade unions?
In all the assessments made in the last 10 years in Italy, trade unions have participated alongside management and workers, actively contributing to the implementation and attainment of certification.

How is the process leading to B-BS certification seen by workers?
The process implies active and voluntary worker participation which, thanks above all to the adoption of “reinforcements” and feedback, leads to the realisation of a safety culture fully shared and concentrated at all management levels, a culture defined in operational terms and highlighted in certification.
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