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Italian Ministerial Decree n° 22 of 14/02/2013 requires the producers of SRF to implement a quality management system. Certifying a management system according to UNI EN 15358 guarantees the quality of the production processes and the documented monitoring and control of the entire production process, from the point of arrival of the waste up to delivery to the customer.

The reduced dependence on oil and other fossil fuels is not to be achieved simply through the diffusion of renewable energy sources but also by having recourse to alternative fuels, such as those produced from non-hazardous waste, among which solid recovered fuels (SRF) stand out.

Enhancing this type of fuel, particularly in plants such as cement works or thermoelectric power stations, allows a Community obligation to be turned into a competitive resource.


  • Reduction in the risks connected with production processes
  • reduction in risks caused by regulatory non-fulfilments
  • certainty of the origin and ownership of incoming waste
  • use of production residues no longer as waste but as “end of waste” material
  • increased trust in the production and sale of solid recovered fuels
  • communication to all stakeholders of the specifications required to achieve quality objectives.


The consolidated experience of RINA SERVICES auditors in the energy sector, in the environmental sector and in the auditing of management systems allows them to identify all the improvement opportunities for the purpose of implementing a fully effective management system.

Our operating network assures the capillary presence of audit teams, thus reducing the time required to plan and perform audits.


The service delivery process is divided into two parts:
  • documents review focussing on conformity with UNI EN 15358 and Italian Ministerial Decree no. 22 of 14/02/2013 
  • audit of the effectiveness of the management system as a true tool of improvement.

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