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ISO 14001 certification

The ISO 14001 certification gives organisations the foundations for an effective environmental management system which, integrated with other management requirements, is a support for achieving environmental objectives.


  • Determine environmental improvement programmes
  • make their activities more sustainable and contribute to the global sustainability processes
  • consolidate innovation and improve market positioning
  • prevent and manage environmental risks and emergency situations
  • transparently communicate environmental performance to all stakeholders
  • access financial and insurance benefits.


RINA SERVICES issues environmental management system certification to organisations operating in various product sectors. For this service, we have been accredited by: ACCREDIA, ISPRA, ANAB and INMETRO​.

Visit our special section to find out useful information for updating your environmental management system and for discovering the major new ISO 14001 requirements, added to the 2015 revision ​of the standard.

certification procedure

  • compilation of the questionnaire
  • dispatch of the offer by RINA SERVICES and, if accepted, stipulation of the ISO 14001 certification contract
  • stage 1 audit, documents review and certification of the observance of current environmental regulations
  • stage 2 audit, analytical on-site audit concerning the level of implementation of the management system
  • issue of ISO 14001 certificate
  • three-year verification for the maintenance of certification.​


How long does the certification take?
The duration of auditing activities and the issue of certification is variable and hard to quantify. To perform an ISO 14001 audit, the environmental management system must have been operating for at least three months.

The time elapsing from dispatch of the documentation to the issue of certification, if the stage 1 and 2 audits are successful, generally ranges from a few weeks to six months.

How much does the certification cost?
This depends on the required number of audit days which is calculated according to the tables issued by IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and applied by all accredited certification companies.​
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