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RINA SERVICES certifies the efficiency of the environmental management systems by means of the ISO 14001 certification and of the voluntary EMAS certification, in compliance with Regulation EC 1221/2009 - EMAS III (Eco Management Audit Scheme).

A third-party audit identifies ways of evaluating and improving environmental performance in any production sector (not only industrial), as well as the most effective information strategies to the public and to all stakeholders, to be clearly and consistently implemented by means of the validation of an Environmental Declaration.


  • Systematise existing environmental activities
  • strengthen innovation and improve marketing positioning
  • identify potential cost reductions
  • improve external environmental communication
  • improve the loyalty of current customers and acquire new ones
  • contribute to global sustainability processes and minimise the environmental risk
  • observe current law and improve relations with the supervisory authorities
  • access financial and insurance benefits.


RINA SERVICES is an Accredited Body for the issue of environmental management system certificates in conformity with the EMAS regulation for various product sectors and for the certification schemes connected to it. We have been accredited for this service by ISPRA, ACCREDIA, ANAB and INMETRO.​


  • Compiling the questionnaire
  • dispatch of the offer by RINA SERVICES and, if accepted, stipulation of the EMAS certification contract
  • stage 1 audit, documents review and certification of the observance of current environmental regulations
  • stage 2 audit, company audit on the level of implementation of the management system and the contents of the Environmental Declaration
  • validation of the Environmental Declaration
  • annual update of the Environmental Declaration
  • three-year verification for the maintenance of certification.


What elements does the Environmental Declaration contain?
The Environmental Declaration clearly and consistently illustrates:
  • the structure and activity of the organisation
  • the environmental management policy and system, with reference to objectives, goals and potential environmental impacts
  • the environmental performance and observance of current legal obligations.
What recognitions come with certification?
Following the third-party validation of an Environmental Declaration, the organisation can request the competent national authority (Italian Ecolabel - Ecoaudit Committee) for EMAS registration and subsequently obtain registration in the European Community register.

What standards is the EMAS certification integrated with?
The EMAS III requires organisations to adopt a management system that complies with the ISO 14001 standard. EMAS certification therefore concerns the integrated management of these two legislative spheres.​
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