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Good Manufacturing Practices

The ISO 22716 certificate of conformity describes the good manufacturing practices for cosmetics. Consistently with the latest developments in the sector and benchmark European legislation, it states the requirements for staff management, health and safety in the production facility, equipment and packaging, production processes and laboratory controls.


  • Support to the management improvement of cosmetics companies
  • greater guarantees to consumers concerning the quality, dermatological safety and performance of the product
  • systematic application and relative consolidation of the good practices of the sector
  • conformity with current applicable legislation
  • greater transparency in communication along the entire supply chain.


RINA SERVICES provides an integrated solution, developed in close collaboration with the customer, for certifying conformity to ISO 22716 and to other important standards required for operators in the cosmetics sector. The quality and safety of products and management systems, fundamental requirements for increasing competitiveness on the international market, are assured by a highly skilled and constantly updated staff.


The certification procedure involves:

  • compilation and dispatch of the questionnaire
  • definition of the offer and stipulation of the contract
  • optional pre-audit
  • initial certification audit and documents review
  • issue of certificate
  • annual surveillance audits
  • recertification audits (every 36 months).

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