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​RINA SERVICES has developed BEST 4 (Business Excellence Sustainable Task) scheme for organisations with management systems that have been recognised as complying with one standard for each of the following sectors:
  • quality: maximising value for shareholders by combining quality requirements with effective cost management solutions
  • environment: environmental safeguard with particular attention to stakeholders and the management of costs and risks 
  • safety: occupational health and safety increases the productivity of the work force and reduces the costs connected with "non-safety"
  • social accountability: social impact, meaning the correct management of the rights of workers and of production chains, creates qualified employment that can be attractive and involving, thus increasing staff motivation and professionalism.


  • Optimise organisational and production processes
  • create a univocal and unique management system, based on criteria of simplification and efficiency
  • increase synergies between employees and outside the company
  • streamline and integrate company audits and relative documentation
  • optimise investments and resources.


RINA SERVICES was the first and only company​ to adopt BEST4 as a registered trademark. Our first certificate was issued in April 2004 to Costa Crociere: our ten-year experience and the competence and the proven capacity of our auditors make RINA SERVICES a primary partner in the delivery of this type of service.


Best 4 is requested by organisations that are already certified in the relative four sectors (Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Accountability). Best 4 Plus certification is issued to organisations which, as well as satisfying Best 4 requirements, add at least one other certificate in one of the above-mentioned sectors.


How many and which standards are compatible with Best 4?
As well as the traditional schemes, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000, alternatives for Best 4 can be, for example, ISO TS 16949 for Quality, ISO 50001 for the environment, ISM for Safety, and the Sustainability Report​ for Social Accountability.

Do Best 4 and Best 4 Plus have to be obtained at the same time?
No, they can also be issued at different time provided the validity of the requirements can be demonstrated.

How long does Best 4 certification last?
Best 4 or Best 4 Plus certification remains valid as long as all the certificates that allowed it to be issued remain valid. If just one of these expires, Best 4 certification is also withdrawn.
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