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Management Systems Certification

Voluntary system certification provides the foundation for any organisation to build management and improvement processes.

In this area, RINA SERVICES offers diversified and internationally-recognised certification services, ranging from consolidated quality management systems to the most recent, innovative certification of energy management systems, such as ISO 50001.

Our attention to customer requests and the subsequent development of our in-house skills have enabled us to obtain accreditations for all the most important management systems in the various product areas.


  • More efficient and effective processes
  • guarantee for the methods used to realise the product/service
  • reduction in consumption and waste, and as a result in production costs
  • complete assessment of potential and actual risk
  • better guarantee of data and information traceability
  • simplification of customer and market relations
  • improvement in the corporate image and recognition in the domestic and international markets
  • correct management of human resources and of their safety
  • simplification of authorisation, administrative and bureaucratic procedures
  • facilities for incentives programmes and tenders and financing
  • contribution to internationally-adopted sustainability models.