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LEED Commissioning

​The LEED protocol involves Commissioning activities as a mandatory certification requirement: commissioning, performed by an independent third-party company, is a planned, systematic and multi-disciplinary quality and control (QA/QC) process involving all the players involved in the management of a building, including the occupants and the customer.

The Commissioning process does not replace the design, works management, construction, testing and calibration phases, but is performed alongside them in order to check that all the information is clear and shared for the purpose of satisfying the requirements of the Final Customer (OPR).

The energy costs for building management and maintenance are becoming increasingly more important as regards the income statement of real estate assets.

These are associated with indirect costs deriving from inefficient plants and lower than standard performance levels (Sick Building Syndrome) that reduce the value of buildings and increase the number of disputes.

Modern control systems help reduce these critical points provided they are correctly designed and installed and managed by expert staff.


  • Satisfy customer requirements
  • maintain the value of the investment
  • decrease the number of disputes
  • improve the performance of the installed technological systems
  • reduce the need for training due to availability of updated and consistent documentation
  • reduce down times and the frequency of faults
  • improve communication to occupants concerning management and maintenance
  • reduce management costs
  • improve living conditions.


Thanks to its know-how, the outcome of decades of experience in the construction sector, especially as regards Green Protocols, RINA SERVICES can provide a multi-disciplinary staff. We are accredited as an independent Control Company with the technical skills required to deliver the services in observance of the requirements of integrity, independence and confidentiality.


RINA SERVICES provides basic and advanced New Commissioning services, as well as Leed v4 Envelope Commissioning services on new or renovated buildings, and Retro Commissioning and Continuous Commissioning services on existing buildings.

The Commissioning Authority (CxA) performs its activities during the following stages:

  • pre-design
  • design
  • construction
  • start-up and calibration
  • commissioning
  • management and occupation.


What systems are subject to commissioning?
Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration (HVAC&R) and/or building systems; domestic hot water production systems; system for the production of energy from renewable sources; artificial and natural lighting control systems; systems for adjusting the above plants.
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