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Buildings energy certification

​The Energy Performance Certificate attributes an energy class to a building, whether it be a new or an existing construction. RINA SERVICES is an independent company, authorised to issue this document in conformity with European Parliament Directive 2010/31/EU.

The Certificate must be attached to the sale and rental contracts of property, individual homes or entire buildings, for any intended use, otherwise such contracts are invalid.

Buildings account for 40% of overall power consumption in the European Union: the Directive requires new buildings to be at almost zero energy within 31st December 2020.


  • Measures the overall energy/environmental performance of the building
  • increases the value of the property
  • develops an investment plan in order to improve the energy class
  • communicates the quality of the building to customers and investors
  • provides access to various kinds of public funding and/or benefits (fiscal, financial, etc.).


Thanks to its global network, RINA SERVICES can share the multi-disciplinary know-how and experience it has developed over many years in all areas of the construction chain.

We are accredited as an independent Control company providing the technical skills required to deliver the services in observance of the requirements of integrity, independence and confidentiality.


The verification process involves the following steps:

  • characterisation of the building according to its historical construction, dimensional and technical data
  • documents review, analysis of construction and technological aspects and of energy consumption
  • technical audits on the building in order to objectively verify the data acquired in the previous phases
  • data processing and validation
  • issue of the Energy Performance Certificate
  • new auditing activities following the completion of renovation work
  • renewal of certification (maximum validity ten years).


What documents are required when applying for certification?
Area plans of the premises, cadastral certificates and area plans, logbooks of the heating and cooling plants, all other useful technical documentation that may have an impact on the energy performance of the building.

What information is required for a cost estimate?
The following are required: characteristics of the building (already existing or newly built), dimensions and areas, typologies of HVAC plants, timing of intervention.​

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