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Green Building Certification

The concept of sustainability and smart building - using renewable energy sources, adopting building automation technology for self-assessment and to adjust activities to reduce consumption - must be adapted to meet the challenge of climate and environment. This concept will continue to develop and will also incorporate system engineering and static safety aspects, as well as seismic, energy and environmental performance.

Energy and sustainability give the building industry the opportunity to innovate right down the line, particularly in materials, processes, building and technological systems.

RINA SERVICES has developed the innovative “Green Building System” service, based on international methods: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Sustainable Building Council (SBC). Its goal is to provide benchmark technical support for organisations that take up the challenge of “Building Sustainability”.


  • Improve the quality of living and working environments
  • protect and preserve the environment and natural resources
  • protect and increase the value of real estate assets
  • contribute to the corporate environmental sustainability report
  • boost investor confidence and stakeholder satisfaction
  • reduce building management and maintenance costs
  • access various tax, economic and financial concessions.