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Voluntary Product Certification

Voluntary food product certification is a means of adding value to the peculiarities of agri-food products, going beyond the mere food quality and safety, and of communicating this value to the market.

The certification can add value to the peculiar aspects of a food product, such as its chemical and physical characteristics, the production process applied, the raw materials used for its production process. The presence of typical products is connected with the particular nature of an area and its history, factors that have allowed diversified cultural and gastronomic traditions to be created and preserved.


RINA SERVICES delivers this service through Agroqualità, a company specialised in the agri-food sector with over fifteen years of experience in the control of quality products. Agroqualità has a network of specialised auditors that can competently assess the different kind of companies.​


Voluntary product certification is based on voluntary and collective brand technical specifications, drawn up with the consent of stakeholders and approved by Agroqualità, and on suitable evaluation procedures for the characteristics of the object, of the certificate and of market expectations.

The certification procedure involves:
  • a documents review
  • an audit at the production site
  • chemical-physical and/or sensorial tests on the finished product and/or on the raw materials used.


How is it possible to tell a certified product from a non-certified product?
The Agroqualità logo demonstrates that certification has been obtained.

What characteristics must the requirements have before they can be certified?
The requirements must be defined, controllable and verifiable, different from those established by law, give added value in the eyes of consumers and be long-lasting.

What characteristics can be certifiable?
  • Product characteristics: minimum percentage of fat, absence of GMOs, chemical-physical or sensorial profile
  • process characteristics: type of animal feed, integrated batch
  • service characteristics: delivery to the customer within such hours from harvesting.​

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