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Sustainable Fishery

​RINA SERVICES targets the fishery sector with certification and training services, to maximise the value of the product and of companies according to the market’s most requested assets. A proposal broken down according to the steps in the chain:
  • fishing fleets
  • aquaculture facilities
  • fish markets
  • production and preservation companies
  • large-scale retailers
  • restaurants and catering

The fishery market has undergone major changes in recent years: a significant transformation of this activity caused by a growing lack of resources and by environmental deterioration, affecting fishing fleets, aquaculture facilities and their chains.

In this area, the European Union has developed two tools: the Common Fisheries Policy, regulating the activity of fleets in terms of organisational profile and costs; the “Hygiene Package” regulations for food safety, which has extended HACCP principles and practices to the fisheries chain.


The services issued by RINA SERVICES include:
  • sustainability certification
  • certification of origin, such as PDO and PGI
  • certification of food safety
  • training.

Certified organisations can label their packages with a mark certifying the standards relating to sustainability of fishing, of aquaculture and of the downstream chains, to diversify their products from the basic proposals and to offer clients fish that is fished or farmed according to principles of sustainability and in compliance with the applicable legislative standards.

Benefits of the service:

  • legislative updates for the sector
  • professional development of workers in terms of responsibilities and tasks
  • training to create and develop business in the sector
  • sustainability, food safety and hygiene
  • guarantee of origin of the fished or farmed fish.