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Halal certification, applied to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, affirms that a product is produced in full compliance with the precepts of Islamic Jurisprudence, meaning it has no “forbidden” component and that it has not come into contact, in any way, with anything considered to be “impure”.

The compliance requirements for Halal certification are:
  • implementation of the principles of good hygiene practices
  • adoption of a proper system for risk assessment and management, focused on healthy/hygienic safety aspects and on compliance with Islamic Law.
The Halal mark makes it possible to identify products conforming to the Islamic religion in an immediate, simple and secure manner, for the benefit of consumers and of the targeted markets.


  • guarantee for consumers of Islamic religion compliance with its precepts;
  • ensure a high level of product hygiene and safety;
  • meet the growing demand for Halal products in the Italian and international markets.


RINA SERVICES and the European Muslim League (EML) have combined their respective know-how to develop the Halal certification programme, so as to ensure a reliable service, efficient evaluation methods and techniques, which effectively acknowledges the requirements of the Islamic religion.


The certification process consists of:
  • an optional pre-audit
  • certification audit
  • annual monitoring
  • three-yearly re-certification.
The audit activities are carried out by audit teams consisting of:
  • experts with consolidated experience in certification related to the specific sector
  • experts in Islamic Law.


Which foods are prohibited by Islamic Law?
  • swine meat,
  • carnivorous animals, birds of prey, reptiles, amphibians and insects,
  • meat and derivatives from allowed animals that have been improperly slaughtered,
  • blood and carcasses of dead animals,
  • intoxicating substances and alcoholic drinks.
What is the origin of the word Halal?
Halal is an Arabic word meaning “right”, “allowed”, thus permitted by Islamic Law and Jurisprudence.
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