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​​Non-GMO certification ensures that products subject to the risk of GMOs are managed and monitored: As a third-party company​, RINA SERVICES helps organisations to define and apply precise specifications according to an integrated chain approach.

Non-GMO certification generally concerns products such as maize, soya and their derivatives, and allows organisations to offer final consumers a safe product, with no genetically modified components, whilst safeguarding other important health and hygiene characteristics.


  • Satisfy the expectations of consumers as regards the quality and safety of the products
  • guarantee the total absence of GMOs and cross-contamination in the products on sale
  • comply with legally-binding regulations
  • achieve a competitive advantage in the national and international markets.


Its long-standing experience and its widespread international specialised network make RINA SERVICES a reference point for operators in the agri-food sector. Its excellent services in this market are also applied to non-GMO certification which is an important supplier-selection criterion.


The certification procedure comprises the following steps:

  • compilation of our questionnaire
  • dispatch of the technical/economic offer which, once accepted, constitutes the service provision contract
  • audit at the company's premises and relative reporting
  • uploading the certificate to the RINA SERVICES website.


How long must I have applied the system before I can obtain certification?
The minimum system application time is 3 months. However, the minimum time required is at least twice that as at least one complete audit cycle and management review must be performed during this time.

How often are audits performed?
Audits are performed at least once a year.

Must I apply all the requirements of the standard?
Every omission must be clearly and fully justified before it can be accepted.
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