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The HACCP certification, that is the certificate of conformity to UNI 10854:1999, promotes the integration of health and hygiene auto-control system with the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification standard.

With this certification, organisations can ensure their production processes are controlled, also in observance of the latest national and Community legislation.


Organisations operating in the agriculture and food market are obliged to control the food safety in order to prevent risks of alterations in product quality, characteristics and hygiene.

The HACCP food safety certification, performed by an independent company such as RINA SERVICES, identifies the critical points of the production process and defines the criteria for preventing, reducing or eliminating potential risks.

HACCP means Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points: by applying the HACCP methodology, the organisation improves its market image by publicising its commitment to the prevention of health and hygiene hazards.


RINA SERVICES is a reliable partner that accompanies customers throughout the production process and allows them to benefit from its extensive experience in providing services to the agrifood market.

The skills and the widespread international presence of our network make RINA SERVICES a reference point for access to the most important European markets, where HACCP certification is an essential supplier selection criterion.

certification procedure

  • Compilation of the questionnaire
  • dispatch of the technical/economic offer which, once accepted, constitutes the service provision contract
  • audit at the company's premises and relative reporting
  • if the previous steps are successful, HACCP certification is reviewed by a technical committee
  • if the previous steps are successful, the certificate is issued.


How long must I have applied the HACCP system before I can obtain certification?
The minimum system application time is 3 months. Normally, however, the minimum time required is at least twice that as at least one complete audit cycle and management review must be performed during this time.

How often are audits performed?
Audits are performed at least once a year.

Must I apply all the requirements of the standard?
Every omission must be clearly and fully justified before it can be accepted.
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