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ISO 22000 certification

The ISO 22000 certification demonstrates to consumers the organisation's attention to food safety and its capacity of managing the connected risks.

Organisations of all sizes operating in the agriculture and food sector can request food safety certification from an independent company, such as RINA SERVICES, in order to verify the effectiveness of their food safety management systems.

The standard is based on the HACCP method and is integrated with the main system and product standards, like BRC, IFS and Codex Alimentarius.


  • Definition of clear and concrete objectives of the food safety management model
  • increased product traceability along the supply chain
  • guaranteed satisfaction of the expectations of consumers and business partners as regards quality and safety
  • demonstration of conformity with legal requirements
  • effective risks management
  • facilitation of access to funding and the acquisition of points in tender competitions.


RINA SERVICES offers an integrated solution, developed in close collaboration with the customer, for certifying conformity to ISO 22000 and to other important standards required for operators in the agriculture and food market.

The quality and safety of the products and management systems, indispensable requirements for increased competitiveness on the international market, are guaranteed by a highly skilled and constantly updated staff.

certification procedure

  • Compilation of the questionnaire
  • dispatch of the technical/economic offer which, once accepted, constitutes the service provision contract
  • audit at the company's premises and relative reporting
  • if the previous steps are successful, ISO 22000 certification is reviewed by a technical committee
  • if the previous steps are successful, the certificate is issued.


How long must I have applied the food safety management system before I can obtain certification?
The minimum system application time is 3 months. Normally, however, the minimum time required is at least twice that as at least one complete audit cycle and management review must be performed during this time.

How often are audits performed?
Audits are performed at least once a year.

Must I apply all the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard?
Every omission must be clearly and fully justified before it can be accepted.
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