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​The BRC IOP certification guarantees the health and hygiene safety of the packaging that comes into contact with food products, as well as consumer products and secondary and tertiary food packaging for all uses.

RINA SERVICES issues certification of conformity with BRC IOP, integrating the management system for the production of packaging, which requires the adoption of a formal risk analysis system (HACCP) and control of the production area, processes, product and personnel.

The BRC Packaging standard was developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) with the support of the Institute of Packaging and of the associations representing packaging manufacturers, according to Regulation (EC) 2023/2006.


  • Demonstrate that all the required safety precautions have been taken
  • observe hygiene regulations and comply with current law
  • increase the level of trust along the supply chain
  • improve relations with the agro-industrial safety authorities
  • integrate the requirements of BRC Packaging with other certificates in the sector.


RINA SERVICES puts the excellence of the services it provides and customer satisfaction at the heart of its mission. For years we have been the focal point for companies wishing to place their products and services on the most important European markets, where the BRC IOP standard is proving to be one of the most important selection criteria for packaging suppliers.


  • Compilation and dispatch of our questionnaire to our offices
  • dispatch of the technical/economic offer which, once accepted, constitutes the BRC IOP certification provision contract
  • audit at the company's premises and relative reporting
  • uploading the report to the BRC portal, thus assuring maximum visibility of the result obtained.


How long must I have applied the BRC IOP before I can obtain certification?
The minimum system application time is 3 months. Normally, however, the minimum time required is at least twice that as at least one complete audit cycle and management review must be performed during this time.

How often are audits performed?
Audits are performed at least once a year.

Must I apply all the requirements of the ​BRC IOP standard?
Every omission must be clearly and fully justified before it can be accepted.
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