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ISO 22005 Food traceability

The ISO 22005 certification sets out to guarantee the typicality, genuineness and traceability throughout all the food supply chain.

The standard satisfies the needs of organisations for effective management and control of the food traceability system, both inside the company and in the supply chain. It highlights the origin of the product and/or particular ingredients, and adds value to significant characteristics of typicality, genuineness, geographical and/or production characterisation.


  • Transparent and complete definition of the history and origin of each food product
  • accuracy of all specific product information
  • increase in the efficiency and productivity of organisations
  • identification of the roles and responsibilities of each operator in the supply chain
  • observance of local, national or international regulations
  • prompt recall of products in the event of any potentially hazardous situation.


RINA SERVICES guarantees, from farm to fork, levels of excellence in the quality and safety of agri-foods.

Our competence in this market allows us to deliver appropriate services satisfying customer requirements, thanks to our excellent technical staff operating at international level. Voluntary ISO 22005 certification is an important supplier selection criterion in the European market.

certification procedure

  • compilation of the questionnaire
  • dispatch of the technical/economic offer which, once accepted, constitutes the service provision contract
  • audit at the company's premises and relative reporting
  • if the previous steps are successful, certification is reviewed by a technical committee
  • if the previous steps are successful, the certificate is issued.


How long must I have applied the system before I can obtain certification?
The minimum system application time is 3 months. Normally, however, the minimum time required is at least twice that as at least one complete audit cycle and management review must be performed during this time.

How often are audits performed?
Audits are performed at least once a year.

Must I apply all the requirements of the standard?
Every omission must be clearly and fully justified before it can be accepted.​
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