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World Commission on Dams

The evaluation of hydroelectric projects, in conformity with the criteria of the World Commission on Dams, assures that hydroelectric power dams are developed according to the least damaging solutions for the environment and with development objectives clearly formulated, by means of an open and participative process of the stakeholders.

The World Commission on Dams (WCD) was established in April 1997 in order to investigate the environmental, social and economic impacts generated by the development of large hydroelectric power dams at global level.


  • is applicable to hydroelectric CDM or JI projects above the threshold of 20 MW
  • generates credits (CERs or ERUs) to be used by European companies within the field of application of the EU ​Emission trading Directive.


RINA SERVICES has been accredited by UNFCCC since October 2008. Projects must be assessed for conformity with the criteria of the World Commission on Dams (WCD) by an entity accredited by UNFCCC for Clean Development Mechanism.

RINA SERVICES also offers specialized courses and analysis related to the theme of the service: for further information please send an e-mail to ghg_services@rina.org.


  • ​Assessment of conformity with WCD criteria by means of a documents review
  • confirmation of the information acquired from the documents by means of an on-site audit and interviews with stakeholders.


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