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Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airport Carbon Accreditation is the only institutionally-endorsed carbon management certification standard for airports.

The emissions reduction programme can be used at any airport as part of its daily environmental management activities and long term strategy. It is supported by a process of continual improvement and partnership with stakeholders.

Airport Carbon Accreditation covers the Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa regions of ACI. In 2013, the accredited European airports welcome 22% of global passenger traffic.


  • Data collection and analysis, in order to clearly understand and thus identify the priority areas for reducing carbon emissions from airports
  • cost/benefit performance improvements
  • increase in value for shareholders, in brand notoriety and in the support of stakeholders.


In the application of Airport Carbon Accreditation Scheme (ACAS), the carbon emissions of every airport are verified by an independent third party. As required, the list of qualified RINA SERVICES verifiers can be found in the programme website.​

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