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Validation and verification of energy efficiency projects

Validation and verification of an energy efficiency project is a voluntary conformity assessment activity, performed by a third party company on the basis of pre-established requirements, which vary depending on the type of service and project.

The importance of this service is dictated by current and future economic and environmental conditions, which impose a strategic repositioning, in terms of rational energy management, on companies in every sector, whether private or public.

RINA SERVICES also offers specialized courses and analysis related to the theme of the service: for further information please send an e-mail to ghg_services@rina.org.


The need for better energy efficiency management is one of the objectives established in 2007 by the European Commission for the so-called “20-20-20” targets, for the attainment of which the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU was issued.

In Italy, there is the “Titoli di Efficienza Energetica” (TEE) mechanism, a system of incentives established by Italian Ministerial Decree 20/07/04 (electricity and gas) and confirmed by legislative decree 102/2014, which offers the opportunity to obtain a return on implementation of energy-saving measures.

The TEE are issued by the “Gestore dei Mercati Energetici” (GME), in order to certify the reduction in consumption achieved through energy efficiency measures and projects.
Examples of validation and verification of energy efficiency projects in connection with TEE are:
  • third party validation of the “Proposta di Progetto e Programma di Misura” (PPPM), before it is submitted to the “Gestore Servizi Energetici”(GSE) which will manage the approval process;
  • third party verification of the “Richiesta di Verifica e Certificazione” (RVC), before it is submitted to the GSE for the purpose of requesting the TEE corresponding to the energy-saving obtained.


RINA SERVICES is a certification company accredited by ACCREDIA for the certification of energy management systems and by UNFCCC as DOE to carry out Validation and Verification of CDM projects also for the energy sector.

Our consolidated experience and highly skilled teams, located in different geographical areas throughout the world, enable us to offer a guarantee of competency and reliability to organisations which require third party validation and verification of energy efficiency projects.


Organisations which intend to request validation and verification of their energy efficiency project provide RINA SERVICES with some essential information so that the contract can be defined and the activities planned.

RINA SERVICES selects the verification team on the basis of the necessary know-how, ability and competency, taking into account the agreed criteria and requirements.

The team assesses the project documents and their compliance with the agreed criteria and requirements, identifying the aspects which will need further investigation with the organisation. RINA SERVICES may decide that the process necessitates an on-site audit, also in relation to the type of project and service.

A report is delivered at the end of the process which summarises any findings, contains an opinion on compliance with the criteria identified and the audit team’s conclusion.

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