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The independent validation and verification of voluntary emissions reductions projects, in compliance with the principles and requirements of UNI EN ISO 14064-2 and UNI EN ISO 14065, focuses on the quantification, monitoring and reporting of projects concerning greenhouse gas emissions and/or removal.

Our ISO 14064 certification, as part of a series of initiatives that we have taken in the field of certification of GHG emissions, allows companies to operate, in a voluntary and concrete way, in reducing GHG emissions.

As climate change has been identified as one of the main challenges to address, international, regional, national and local initiatives have been developed and implemented for the purpose of limiting the concentrations of GHG in the earth's atmosphere.


  • Demonstrate a responsible approach towards the environment
  • improve commitment in reducing GHG emissions and fighting climate change
  • prepare for the legislation of tomorrow
  • identify improvement areas.


Our international network can provide rapid and capillary support to customers. The consolidated experience of our auditors in management systems allows them to identify opportunities as well as any aspects that have not been fully assimilated


  • compilation and dispatch of the questionnaire to RINA SERVICES
  • formulation of the offer and acceptance of the contract
  • documents review of the material relative to the organisation's activities and GHG emissions
  • on-site audit and reporting of GHG
  • validation report
  • periodic audits for monitoring GHG reduction trends.

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