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Emissions Trading

​Since the beginning of the Emissions Trading, RINA SERVICES has been able to provide the verification of the annual Emission Report and the data verification for free of charge allocation services, ensuring compliance with the timelines provided by the Directive.

The Emissions Trading Directive presently applies to:
  • energy activities
    • fuel combustion for energy purposes
    • oil refining
    • coke production
  • the production and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • the mineral products industry
  • the paper industry (paper pulp, paper and cardboard)
  • the chemical industry
  • the capture, transport and storage of greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • the air transport.


Ratification of the Protocol of Kyoto by the EU and Member States led to publication of the European Directive on Emissions Trading (Directive 2003/87/EC). Since 1st January 2005, European companies which fall within the field of application of the EU ETS Directive are required to monitor and report their emissions.

For plants subject to the Directive, the following applies:
  • permit issued by the National Competent Authorities (NCA)
  • allocation, free of charge and of allowances by the NCA, in accordance with the harmonised Community Decision 2011/278/EU and its subsequent amendments
  • requirement to monitor and report CO2 and/or CO2 e emissions by 31st March of every year for the year before
  • requirement to surrender a number of allowances equal to the emissions of CO2 and/or CO2 e by 30th April of every year for the year before.


RINA SERVICES has been accredited as EU ETS Verification Body by ACCREDIA with accreditation certificate no. 002 O. The accreditation covers all scopes with the exception of the greenhouse gases capture and geological storage and the production of nitric, adipic and glyoxylic acid, glyoxal and caprolactam.


  • F​illing and submitting the informative questionnaire for the Offer issue
  • Document verification: strategic analysis, risk analysis, assessment of the emissions inventory, data collection method, calculation methods, communication
  • Verification of the in situ processes: examination of the completeness of the sources and flows, of the monitoring method implemented by the plant, of the data acquisition procedures and of the assessment of uncertainty
  • Reporting: drawing up of the internal verification report and production and dispatch of the verification report to the operator
  • Practice independent technical review (ITR: Independent Technical Review).

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